What does a Creative Director do?

Six objects that describe my role

Key — Create a space to collaborate

‘It’s not about expecting others to follow your vision, it’s about creating the space for others to create the vision collaboratively.’

Frame — See the big picture

‘Creative direction is about the forest and the trees. More specifically, it’s about helping those in the trees see the forest, and helping those who only see the forest remember the trees too.’ Daniel Mall

Baton — Find the harmony

Multi-plug adaptor — Speak different languages

‘I made the mistake of trying to fit people to a job, rather than define the jobs to people’s strengths and capabilities. All creative people are individuals.‘ — Edward Boches

Garlic — Stink of creativity

Beetle — Develop a taste for the future

‘Are you courageous enough to abandon a practice that has made you successful in the past?’ — Roselinde Torres



Creative problem solver.

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